This is us!

Это наша семья

Who are we and where did we come from?

We are Julia, Andrey and our two cheerful daughters. We first arrived to Krasnaya Polyana in 2017 and fell in love with this place. Even the great love for our hometown of St. Petersburg did not prevent us from moving to such a beautiful place - Krasnaya Polyana. The winter is very mild here with white snow. And the summer lasts for 7 months. The cleanest air, peaceful lifestyle and unforgettable mountains that are always different make it perfect for living.


There are hotels for every taste and budget in Krasnaya Polyana: apartments, huge amount of hostels of different quality, and luxury chalets that are not affordable for everyone. But we wanted to build a house for the family , where you would feel like home. We did everything like if we would live here ourselves, as if we would arrive to Krasnaya Polyana on vacation. Families with children will understand, especially with small kids, how difficult it is at the new place. There is always something missing, not qiute convenient, not like home. And you have to spend some time arranging a new nest or just get used to it. We took into account our experience, both family and touristic, as we always consult with our guests how to improve the quality of our hospitality.

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The Sunny house in Estosadok

Krasnodar region
Sochi Estosadok 
21/1 Pereselencheskaya str

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